Working Mechanism

Provided steps on how we work.


  1. Receiving clothes in our building in Ankawa
  2. Numbering the items/clothes with numbers according to each person
  3. Classifying the items according to the color, type of cloth and directions. Cleaning each piece in a suitable way by following it’s attached washing directions.
  4. Handling the spots before sending to wash by using chemical materials of international standards (Eco-friendly materials/مواد صديقة البيئة )
  5. Using high quality of washing detergent , sterilization/تعقيم and softener for washing the clothes (Eco-friendly materials/مواد صديقة البيئة )
  6. Drying the clothes by using specialized machines and in suitable heat degree to guarantee the result and keeping them from damage
  7. Classifying the items according to the numbers for each person, folding them in a good way and packing them in a way to be easy for use and transport